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Saturn SKY 2006+ Lexan Deflector

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This premium quality polycarbonate (Lexan) wind deflector fit all Solstice convertible.
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  • DOT-approved Polycarbonate Hard Coated against Abrasion & UV

  • Exclusive Rounded edge - deflectors are precision-cut ensuring a perfect fit and perfect finish

  • 100% coverage of the roll bar for best results and look

  • See True Engraving for a better rear view

  • Easy installation

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* This particular model need car modification only 4 very little hole, 1/8 in dia hole (half size of a pencil dia). This little modification will not affect anything and the screws are covered with cap. This deflector is so nice and efficient that overpass the fact that you have to make 4 little hole. Drill Template and easy detailed instruction are provided.

** Our deflector is installed on the end wall (cockpit side), with 4 screws located behind the seats, finish cap is provided for finish touch, they almost not visible with the seat in front. Deflector stays in place year long.

Compare to other:

Original , the 2 bases are attacht with 8 screws on the top of the end wall very apparent mounting base and holes, screen can be fast disconnect, but base stay in place. It look like it need to be removed for roof operation.

Other model that do not required new hole are using existing screws in the truck, and deflector need to be very thin to fit between the truck gasket (gasket will be damaged with time due to out of design compression). This deflector must be removed when the roof is up to avoid friction with the rear window heating wire (costly repair if leaved in place) efficiency is lowered since the part is farther away from passengers.

In any car model, when possible, most of our customer leaves the deflector in place 100% of time.

For security reasons please do not accept any substitution to polycarbonate Check video Poly vs Acrylic. Polycarbonate can't be cut with laser in production! Thrust ! we are specialized in proven quality & efficiency deflector, and offer world largest selection.

  • Shipping Weight: 4 Lbs
  • Manufactured by: DEFLECTAIRâ„¢ Copyright / Pat pend

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